Hope Student Ministry (Students)

Hope Student Ministry

Welcome to Hope Student Ministries.  We hope you take the time to check us out.  Here are the three words we want for our students:

  1. SERVE – through our serve one ministry we want each student to be changed by serving their church, community, and world.
  2. PURSUE:  We want each student to pursue their own personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  We want them to make the transition from it being their parent’s faith to them owning it for themselves.
  3. INFLUENCE:  We want each student to understand that they’re best suited to influence their friends.  So come join us for exciting services, events, trips, and service opportunities that shatter the stereotype that church is boring. Games, music, videos, stories, relevant teaching from God’s Word…this is powerful and engaging opportunities you will not want to miss!

FALL NOTE:  It is amazing to think of how fast the summer has gone.  We are really excited for a total restructuring of HSM for the Fall of 2014.  We have come up with 1-2-3-GO to describe our 4 areas of ministry.  Keep your eyes and ears open to catch the vision for the changes and when everything starts.  September 6-7 is youth weekend.  Then on Sunday September 14 at 6:00pm TWO starts.  Yahoo!


Haiti 2013 Team overview video.  Played at Hope Church August 31/September 1, 2013.




Check out Berkeley and Michaels video from our secret service on November 11, 2012.